Department of Applied Gerontology

School of Applied Sciences

Undergraduate B.S. in Applied Gerontology

The B.S. in Applied Gerontology prepares students to be competitive in a variety of aging-related occupational venues or admission to a variety of graduate degree programs. Students are required to complete an official minor from another discipline or declare a second major to provide expanded academic exposures.

This program is designed to provide a program of study to meet the career goals of a broad spectrum of students—some wanting to work in health care, some wanting to specialize in eldercare or gerontology within a future graduate or professional program—but all wanting a competitive edge into the job market of the future. There is a documented population shift coming due to longer lifespans. This degree prepares students to move effectively into the future labor workforce. Its unique inter-professional educational (IPE) structure prepares students to have a very comprehensive educational foundation, including classroom instruction and diverse community engagement experiences, to provide service-learning exposures and prepare them to interact effectively with elders and the professionals and organizations providing services to them.

Degree Overview and Requirements

Program Handout (Printable)


All students enrolled in the Applied Gerontology program at the University of Mississippi receive applied, community-based, and service learning experiences before graduation.


The job market for Applied Gerentology graduates is projected to grow 17% from 2014-2024. Graduates are needed in a variety of educational, health care, government agency, community, and private practice settings.