Department of Applied Gerontology

School of Applied Sciences

Applied Gerontology Internships/Occupational Specialization

GER 493 offers students an internship experience as a part of their course work.

Marcia Cole

Director of Internships and Community Engagement, Lecturer

Course Description

The supervised internship is a culminating experience consisting of 400 clock-hours designed to promote individual occupational specialization and application of the interdisciplinary nature of applied gerontology while affording students direct, hands on experiences with the elderly population. Supervision is provided by an on-site professional preceptor. Students are required to submit periodic written field reports, as well as a final internship experience portfolio.      (6 credits)


The purpose of the Field Internship is to facilitate application of learned facts and concepts in progressively more complex and evolving gerontological roles. It serves as the culminating experience for the program where Program Outcomes are measured. In addition to the acquisition of new knowledge, the Field Internship focus on application of previously learned concepts and how they are used in delivery of services to older populations.

The course objectives provide direction for opportunities for Field Internship experience that assist students in transitions to professional practice. The conceptual basis of the Internship emanates from the areas of social values, gerontological practice skills, social, behavioral, and physical science research, communication professional decision making and leadership. Through these opportunities, the student adds to their acquired gerontological knowledge base, those skills necessary for productive, safe functioning in their identified field setting.

The Field Internship consists of intensive field study in a specific applied gerontological area under the guidance of a field supervisor and a gerontology faculty member. All hours, minus agreed upon, prescheduled meetings with the faculty advisor, are spent at an agency of the student’s choice exploring concepts, roles, and responsibilities related to gerontological practice in that particular agency. The Internship is guided by both the agency supervisor and faculty advisor. Experiences are developed and guided by both course and learner-developed goals and objectives. Objective accomplishment is documented in Journal writings, discussions, and interactions between student, supervisor, and faculty member.


  • Junior or Senior standing
  • GER 322/SW 322
  • GER 326/SW 326
  • GER 344/ES 344
  • GB 370 or MGMT 391
  • GER 411/LA 411
  • GER 499