Department of Applied Gerontology

School of Applied Sciences

About Applied Gerontology

Forbes estimates that by 2050, one-in-five Americans will be over age 65. Studies have shown that a surge in the American aging population has resulted in a new, booming industry: gerontology. The NEW Department of Applied Gerontology prepares students with the knowledge and skills needed to provide leadership and service centered on healthy and successful aging of current and future generations across a wide breadth of disciplines.


The B.S. in Applied Gerontology’s curriculum is inter-professional, using faculty from many different disciplines to contribute to the academic and experiential offerings. All of the educational and experiential offerings will incentivize healthy and successful aging throughout the lifespan, be innovative in addressing critical preparation, recruitment and retention issues presenting enormous national challenges within the long-term care interdisciplinary workforce.

Through education and training initiatives, the program will use targeted technological innovations to better equip our graduates to be leaders in the field of aging for future generations to address the population shift resulting in larger numbers of adults versus children in all communities across the nation.

Applied Gerontology? What is that?

Gerontology deals with the study of aging throughout the life cycle.  That includes you, right now! Part of the educational focus is to educate current students on principles of healthy and successful aging throughout life to better improve healthy and successful aging outcomes for everyone.

Are you a visionary who wants to be prepare for the future?

The census indicates that older adults will continue to increase and represent the most substantial portion of the US population by 2025. So, no matter where you work, live or play, you will be engaging with significant numbers of individuals older than you are. Understanding how biologic, psychosocial, environmental and cultural components can influence the diversity in the aging process provides an intriguing professional foundation for you personally and professionally.

Are you serious about finding diverse occupational opportunities?

Because of the population shift (significant increase in older adults), whatever occupation you choose (entry level or graduate level) you will be engaging with older adult. Understanding this demographic will prepare you to enter a competitive workforce consisting of diverse agencies and organizations (many of which you will be exposed to during your coursework and internship).

Are you interested in having a healthy and successful life course experience?

Successful aging is everyone’s business!  Since we are living longer, are you interested in being a leader in the industries and organizations that will be providing services to older adults in the future to assure that services and opportunities are appropriate, diverse, and readily accessible to current older adults and evolving to meet the even more diverse needs of future generations?  What do you expect your senior years to provide?  Help be a change agent to lead the change you want to happen before you reach your older adult years.

Do you want to be a doctor, nurse, dietitian, banker, business owner, chef, etc.?

OK, but guess who will be the largest group seeking your services by 2025?  Individuals over 50 years of age. You can major in Applied Gerontology and still complete requirements for numerous jobs or graduate programs.  Come talk to us about how this new degree can prepare you even more for the future you desire.